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So what is it we look for in the fantasy we have in our heads? We have all had that fantasy in our head where we imagine we are with a hot sexy transexual women and in the fantasy we kinnda have an exact match of what we are looking for if it were for real.

I have always imagined  long dark hair and a latina kind of look with gorgeous sparkling brown eyes looking at me and super juicy big tits and a big bubble ass.I was once chatting to a women at the bus stop and it turned out she was actually a man and that she had taken hormones for many years and she now lived the life of a woman. I have to admit her story amazed me.

Looking at these  hot women makes me wonder how they could ever have been male in the first place, they just look perfect in every way.This particular transgendered woman was wearing an office outfit and told me she worked as a secretary for a lawyers firm and that they were fully aware of her sex change.She had me so turned on as we sat chatting and once i got home i straight away logged in to porn sites to see pictures of these types of women and was blown away at just how popular it was.

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You have to admit this sexy girl above is so hot, i love her sexy figure and bright colour of clothes.

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Honeydoll sexy transgender


This is for sure one very hot tranny. I have spent countless hours now chatting with her online on her cam. She just has the full sex appeal that drives me crazy. For more on big tit shemales go here

My sexy shemale shopping trip

I was out shopping the other day, i got all dressed up and i have to admit i looked pretty good. I had on my short red dress and some nice  red paten high heel shoes and of course my sexy push up bra under neath it.

I decided i wanted to do a nice girly shop so i went  and met up with a few of my transexual friends and we went to the shopping mall. It was a packed Saturday afternoon and the amount of looks we got from people staring over at us  walking around, it was actually very arousing and sexy for me.

One guy shouts over to us ” weirdos” i have to admit i just started to laugh, these names do not bother us now. I wanted to slap him on the head with my big dick but decided i better not .

I just shouted back over ” you don’t know what you are missing” He quickly walked off with his head held low.

I have always been one for enjoying the finer things in life and that includes my girly lingerie and clothes and make up and things like that.

I do enjoy a pamper day as well, i mean what’s not to enjoy about someone pampering you as you lay back and relax.

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My sexy lingerie from the shopping trip

I just love this cheeky little outfit i got myself and i have to admit i love showing it off on my live cam. I have a big fetish for fish net clothing and tend to always buy fishnet stockings and pantyhose as well as fingerless fishnet gloves.

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Crossdressing cams

As amazing at it may seem for some or strange as it may seem for others crossdressing on webcam is by far one of the most popular  section sin the whole adult section. People just seem to enjoy the kinkier thing sin life and it shows when you enter and chat with one of these babes on live cam just how  kinky and naughty they really are.  The thing is guys do enjoy dressing up in womans clothes as well as the whole pampering themselves and becoming very flirty. Crossdressing Cams have always made it on to my top favourite list and i like hearing about all the kinky things they get up to and chat about.

blonde shemale2I remember when i was a kid i liked to dress up in my sisters clothes and high heels it made me feel real sexy. It is without a doubt one of the taboo areas though that you can not chat about to you’r mates or the guys down in the pub.

Live crossdressing chat has many different features as not everyone wants to hang out chatting some may just want to set up a social media profile and chat with out online dressers, some want to be treated like a sissy and humiliated, some just love to be the mistress and so many other things. The have their own favourite things they enjoy doing . These gorgeous babes will go on out to make you happy.


Teen shemale cams

Thought i would write a post about my amazing exepreince trying out the teen shemale cams section. I usually tend to head for the mature section and have to admit that’s the way i like it but thought i would change things a little and experiment today. So i headed on over to  and checked out who was online. I spotted four girls available to chat with so i wasted no time in popping into the free chat rooms to see what they had to offer. Every one of them were fantastic to chat to and all very kinky with kinky and dirty ideas but i decided i wanted to spend my time in a private session with  Kataleyhorny and when you see her picture below you will understand why i decided on her

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This gorgeous teen shemale cams girl was amazing and so sexy she had curves in the right place and she just really enjoyed every second of teasing me  in the live session. She went straight to grab her massive box of tricks as she calls it and she had around 10 sex toys in there all of various different sizes. She laughed and said shall i use the biggest one? I very quickly screamed yes but that  also would enjoy some teasing in that sexy lingerie set she was wearing. She wasted no time at this point in stripping down to an amazing dark blue silk lingerie set and started to tease me pushing her tits up to the camera and making peak down the cleavage.I can asure you this Kataley lady certainly was no stranger to teasing her punters, she knew exactly what would get me hot and what would drive me wild. I then asked to see her in some stockings which she done right away with no hesitation, it was amazing just watching her then in high heels and stockings with this gorgeous sexy blue lingerie set on rubbing the front of her thongs as i got harder and harder

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Now i know not everyone will go straight to the teen shemale cams section but i did want to experiment as i needed a change and i have to admit i will go back and visit this girl at some point as i did enjoy my cam show with her and would like to get to know her better . There was around 9 teen shemales online when i looked and all very differerent so you will find exactly what you are looking for with in this niche. These girls really do know how to please and they love to tease you while you sit and wank for them slowly. They do not beg for you to come private with them either which i prefer. I have been in situations when i have entered a hosts freee chat and straight she demands i take her private this is before she has even said hello. I tend to steer away from this time of cam model because  they are then all about the money and not about the fun.

So when you are looking to find the best in online entertainment do check out these girls who i have pointed out on this blog, i have tried to cover as many different types as i can and will continue to report on all the different amazing shemales and trannys i  visit on a daily basis.

By the way i don’t always have a private session sometimes i just pop into the free chat to see what the host is like and if i like what i see i save her for later when i have more time to have a private webcam session.

I am not sure how receptive they are if you hang around their free chat room all day long though and i have to admit i can’t blame them for that , not sure i would like that my self but i do spend a 5 or 10 minutes in the free chat so i can have all my questions answered and then make the decisions whether or not the host and myself will click with each can see it all here at 

I do like to feel a connection when i cam with these girls, if it feels to dry and there is not very good interaction then i tend to leave and look for some one else.

So with that said do go right ahead and try out the live free cams section.

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If you are like me and enjoy reading shemale blogs and checking out all the updates as well as pictures and free teaser videos and just getting to know some of the info about shemales on live cam chat then be sure to sure this shemale chat site out. It is packed with loads of information. It is a great shemale blog to read and once you have finnished reading it you can pop on into a live shemale cam chat room that offers free chat and cam to chat facility.

Don’t miss out on these amazing shemale blog updates as well as some of the best online free shemale cams you can find anywhere. Have a look for yourself and once you have read a few great shemale blogs you will instantly be horny and ready to do a live tranny strip cam show with these gorgeous girls who are available right now on cam to play with .

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Sexy shemales dancing

If you are like me and enjoy sexy shemales dancing for you and teasing you then be sure to check out the video below of some of the best tgirls online dancing at nightclubs in Thailand and different countries all over the world.I prefer the black shemales dancing for me as they usually have a nice big booty to shake infront of me and well as they say black trannys are well hung  so i have my kinky dirty thoughts about that when i am watching them shake that ass on the dance floor.They always get me hot and i have to rush home to log into live video chat sites to try and find a sexy shemale dancing on live cam for me.

The video is somewhere i would love to be, so many hot tgirls available dancing around on the streets. This is the type of scene you would see in Thailand it is so hot. I love watching them dance around and teasing us guys who they know are so horny and desperate for some real play. So log on in to one of the cam sites i have listed in the banners at the side and have you’re very own private sexy shemales dancing on live webcam just for you.

They just love to know how hot they make you as they shake that ass in front of their live video chat room knowing how hard and horny it is getting you now

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It is time to find the best online black shemale cams and you have found the right place. These amazing live online black shemales are hot and horny and if you like hung black shemales then be sure to check these live black shemale cams out right now.

Let’s start with tsblackgirl you can find her profile here  black shemale cams this is one hot black tranny and she has hundreds of black tranny pictures available in her free profile area. Why search for black tranny tube sites? or free black shemale videos when you can have live  interaction right now online where the amazing black tranny will talk back with you and interact with you and do you a private personalised sex show.

What is it about hung black shemales that gets us so dam horny? I think a lot of it has to do with how well hung they are and how curvy they are and the fact they have big thick round asses that are ready to be used by us and those pouting thick lips. This is what i look for in a black shemale and when i enter the black shemale cams room its the first place i head to when running a live search for the best online free black shemale webcams.

You can tell how much they enjoy what they do you only have to look at how hard they get to see for yourself just how horny these dirty black shemales get. They love to wank of their big juicy cocks for you and tell you what they would like to be doing with that cock right now.

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What about this massive fucken cock right here? This black shemale loves to show this off on cam and when she is wearing a tiny little thong and that buldge is pushing though it drives you crazy and she just knows it.

This black shemale cams girl loves to tell the story of the ” tranny surprise” and enjoys doing  thi son live cam where you are supposed to imagine you enter her chat thing she has a pussy only to find out you being wanking off to a big black shemale, so get ready for this live one on one exclusive chat with the best online black tranny i have met so far.

Curvy shemale cam chats

So when looking for curvy shemale cam chats where exactly do we start? Let’s be honest stick insects has never been my thing really i much prefer a sexy transgender webcam lady with some meat on her and the meatier she is the happier i am. I love curves on a woman. So when looking for curvy shemale cam chats i would tend to start out by doing a search on bbw shemale cams. I stumbled upon this xkanellas profile for bbw shemale cam chats  she was amazing to watch first off i enjoyed reading her amazing reviews and checking out her fantastic picture gallery

So i guess we all know exactly what we are looking for when online i do prefer curvy shemales and enjoy spending time in curvy shemale cam chats rooms and getting to know what each of these gorgeous girls are into. I often come across the ones who are really interested in fetishes as well, i have to admit this is something i have dabbled with myself and as far as i know everyone has some sort of fetish it is just that some people are more open with their fetishes than others. I guess mine would be shemales on cam or curvy women or  a bit of both but i have to also admit i enjoy watching shemales smoking or any women smoking for that matter. This is what gets me really excited. If you ask these shemales they to have fetishes and sometimes they like to share them with you which is great. Bbwcambabes-bbw webcam chat they have amazing chunky women ready right now

BBW shemale cams always has something to offer you no matter what it is you desire or where ever your imagination has taken you these girls will take you on a journey and they will tick every one of your boxes and have you coming back for more and more every time.

Some people have asked me what is a bbw ? It is simply put a short description for ” big beautiful women” and i have  to agree they really are, and when you find a shemale like this if you enjoy shemales and larger shemales and in particular black shemales with big boobs and big cocks than itself is always a bonus in my book.

So step on inside these amazing bbw shemale cams and see for yourself just how amazing it is. These girls will stop at nothing, they love role-plays and dressing up for you, so if you have a particular costume in mind just go into their free chat area and ask them if they are able to do that you will find most of them will and do, do it for you, as long as you show that you are serious and not a time waster

If you enter the link i have provided above you can chat live right now with curvy shemale cam chats live and get to see for yourself just how amazing they are and just how much they want to please you and have fun with you on live webcam. They will have you addicted in no time and coming back for more and more each time. This is just an amazing site to hang out.

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