Month: June 2014

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So what is it we look for in the fantasy we have in our heads? We have all had that fantasy in our head where we imagine we are with a hot sexy transexual women and in the fantasy we kinnda have an exact match of what we are looking for if it were for real.

I have always imagined  long dark hair and a latina kind of look with gorgeous sparkling brown eyes looking at me and super juicy big tits and a big bubble ass.I was once chatting to a women at the bus stop and it turned out she was actually a man and that she had taken hormones for many years and she now lived the life of a woman. I have to admit her story amazed me.

Looking at these  hot women makes me wonder how they could ever have been male in the first place, they just look perfect in every way.This particular transgendered woman was wearing an office outfit and told me she worked as a secretary for a lawyers firm and that they were fully aware of her sex change.She had me so turned on as we sat chatting and once i got home i straight away logged in to porn sites to see pictures of these types of women and was blown away at just how popular it was.


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You have to admit this sexy girl above is so hot, i love her sexy figure and bright colour of clothes.


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My sexy shemale shopping trip

I was out shopping the other day, i got all dressed up and i have to admit i looked pretty good. I had on my short red dress and some nice  red paten high heel shoes and of course my sexy push up bra under neath it.

I decided i wanted to do a nice girly shop so i went  and met up with a few of my transexual friends and we went to the shopping mall. It was a packed Saturday afternoon and the amount of looks we got from people staring over at us  walking around, it was actually very arousing and sexy for me.

One guy shouts over to us ” weirdos” i have to admit i just started to laugh, these names do not bother us now. I wanted to slap him on the head with my big dick but decided i better not .

I just shouted back over ” you don’t know what you are missing” He quickly walked off with his head held low.

I have always been one for enjoying the finer things in life and that includes my girly lingerie and clothes and make up and things like that.

I do enjoy a pamper day as well, i mean what’s not to enjoy about someone pampering you as you lay back and relax.


My sexy lingerie from the shopping trip

I just love this cheeky little outfit i got myself and i have to admit i love showing it off on my live cam. I have a big fetish for fish net clothing and tend to always buy fishnet stockings and pantyhose as well as fingerless fishnet gloves.